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We are a young and energetic team with a hardworking ethic that will go the extra mile to ensure you get the service, products, pricing and delivery you require. We focus on providing a "one stop shop" service for a most extensive range of building materials. Our product range extends but not limits to metal lath, hardware, plumbing and piping, electrical and lighting, cable, cabinets, flooring

We are well experienced in servicing the North American market with UL,CUL,CSA,UPC,NSY,ICC-ES rated products. We have been particularly specified in the bulk supply of self-furred galvanized wire mesh, PEX pipe, cement paper bags, metal lath, black paper wire mesh . We never forget that your success is our success. Our business is built on referrals and recommendations from satisfied customers who have entrusted us to be their Number One choice of partner in China. Put us to the test and see how we can also look after your very best interests.

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